Handyman in Forsyth, GA


With over two decades of residential construction and property maintenance experience, we offer a number of quality Handyman Services in the Forsyth area. Our services include carpentry, assembly, fixture replacement, window and door repairs or replacement. We are fully insured. We are qualified to handle issues with lead.

Why it’s important to hire the right professional for the job.

Never do major work on your home without checking with your local code inspector’s office. They will tell you if a permit is needed for your project. A homeowner can often get a permit for work to their home. Plumbing and electrical work still needs to be completed by licensed professionals, but most everything else can be done by the homeowner or individuals hired and supervised by the homeowner. Un-permitted work can reduce the value of your home and even render it unsaleable until the un-permitted work is made to conform to residential building codes. We are a responsible business that would never do anything that is not in the best interest of our clients.

What is the difference between a HANDYMAN and a General Contractor?

A General Contractor is one that facilitates the construction of homes, additions and major remodels for residential homeowners. They are licensed by the state and have the ability to request all necessary permits and hire subcontractors needed to complete the job. They generally have their clients enter contracts that help protect the clients and themselves from damages, poor work or cost overrun. The main benefit to the homeowner is that they oversee the project from start to finishThey are also required by the state to have liability insurance ($500,000) and a certain level of education and training.


A Handyman, on the other hand, is someone that is usually experienced in regular repairs to your home. The state limits the monetary amount threshold of a single job. A Handyman does not have the ability to request permits on behalf of the homeowner in the instances a permit would be needed. Things that require permits are usually something like decks over three feet tall, structural changes to the home, additions, and systems that require a licensed HVAC, electrician or plumber. They are not required by the state to meet a specific level of insurance liability.

We are insured beyond the minimum requirements of the state of Georgia for a general contractor. We are also certified to deal with lead issues.