Harwood floor repairs and installation.

Handyman Services in Middle GA

Handyman Services

With nearly two decades of residential construction and property maintenance experience, we offer a number of quality Handyman Services in the Forsyth area. Our services include carpentry, assembly, fixture replacement, window and door repairs or replacement.

So when do you need a handyman and not a residential contractor. Most home repairs do not need a contractor or a permit to do. Repairs to walls, installing fans and fixtures, replacing faucets or repairing toilets are things a handyman service can do for you. Any creditable Handyman would inform the homeowner when the repairs require a licensed specialist or a permit. Give us a call about your next project for a free quote. We are the solution for homeowners to managing the health and value of your home.

Things like major plumbing and/or electrical repairs often need a licensed pro, Never do major work on your home without checking with your local code inspector’s office. They will tell you if a permit is needed for your project. A homeowner can often get a permit for work to their home. Plumbing and electrical still need to be completed by licensed pros, everything else can be done by the homeowner or individuals hired and supervised by the homeowner. Un-permitted work can reduce the value of your home and even render it unsaleable until the un-permitted work is made to conform to residential building codes. We are a responsible business that would never do anything that is not in the best interest of our clients.


From framing to trim, we provide quality work that we stand behind. Some of our carpentry services include:

Installing Crown Moulding

Installing Baseboards and Moulding

Window and Door Repairs

Window and Door Replacement

Soffit and Fascia Repairs

Gazebos and Pergolas

Decking and Floor Repairs

Deck Repair and Installation

Custom closet systems are one of our handyman services

Custom Storage Solutions

We also install custom cabinets and bookshelves. We also specialize in custom furniture with a rustic feel. Ask us about creating secret storage areas inside tables, chairs and bookcases. Are you looking to create more storage? We can help you create ways to optimize your existing space.

Drywall Repair and Replacement

From small hole repairs to new walls, we install drywall. Have a room that just needs a closet? We can help! We have helped many of our clients add instant equity to the value of their homes by converting unfinished spaces into extra bedrooms with the addition of drywall and proper insulation. And when after we install your new drywall, we can also take care of the prepping and painting for you.

Interior and Exterior Painting

We offer interior painting such as walls, trim, cabinets and more. We also handle most of your exterior painting needs for siding, windows, trim, soffit, fascia, doors, decks and more.

Rotten Floor and Deck Repairs

Bathroom and kitchen floors are vulnerable to rot from leaky water sources like toilets or faucets. A small leak can do a lot of damage if the damage is below the flooring or under tubs and toilets. The best way to prevent costly floor repairs is to have a solid preventive maintenance plan for your home. Checking for water leaks on a regular basis could save thousands in repairs. One of our Handyman Services is to help our clients understand their home and the issues it can present.

We Even Built a Duck Pond Once

We get a lot of creative projects from our clients. This is a duck pond, complete with a custom filter system and pump. We used a Firestone liner and rocks from one of our local supplies to give those feathered friends a place to cool down on those hot Georgia days.

If you have a project that is a little out of the box, just give us a call. We love a good challenge. Thanks for taking the time to see some of our handyman services. Consider giving us a call for your next project.